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2024 Commencement

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, thirty seniors from the class of 2024 finished their time at Berean Academy. This year’s senior class will be missed because they brought an enthusiastic spirit and were always willing to participate in a wide variety of activities. The class maintained the strong academic tradition that has been a part of Berean for many years. This high level of academic accomplishments made the competition for valedictorian and salutatorian fierce, but in the end, Luke Regier was recognized as valedictorian, and Emry Tippin as salutatorian. The class chose Mr. Jason Wine, the Secondary Principal and a high school Bible teacher, as their commencement speaker. Mr. Wine encouraged the class to see their lives as a daily choice between serving Christ and others or serving themselves. Drawing upon the Apostle Paul’s famous words in Romans 12:1, Mr. Wine challenged the seniors to understand this choice emanating from a grateful heart. This is demonstrated in sacrificial living daily through acts of worship by using the gifts and talents that God has given them to love and minister to others. The morning ended with the senior class leading the audience in the Doxology and a special time for the parents to pray with their graduates. We pray for Christ's blessings on the class of 2024 as they move into the ministry that Christ has for each one of them. 


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