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Welcome from the Head of School


I love the power of Christian education to transform lives, which is why I consider it a great privilege to lead the oldest Christian school in the state. Berean Academy was founded over 75 years ago by godly men and women who understood the importance of providing their children an education founded on the truth of God’s Word. As they viewed the secular society around them and its impact on their children, they determined to take intentional steps to provide a Christ-honoring, Bible-based educational option for their children. If the need for Christian education was evident in 1946, how much greater is the need today!

Christian education is a partnership and a process. For Christian education to be most successful, it must be based on a partnership between believing parents, the Christian school, and local Evangelical churches. The picture of a three-legged stool represents this idea of mutual support well. Parents must also realize that Christian education is a process. Character and convictions are formed over time. As parents, teachers, and pastors speak truth into the lives of our students day after day, month after month, and year after year, the truth of God’s Word has the opportunity to saturate their hearts and minds.


As a school Berean Academy seeks to educate students from a biblical worldview. This means, for example, that students learn how to analyze history and literature from a biblical perspective, to investigate science and math with an appreciation for the Creator, and to perform in our fine arts program in a tasteful manner for His glory. In addition, students are taught the Scriptures daily in Bible classes and given the opportunity to worship Him together in weekly chapels.


We desire, therefore, to prepare students who can actively engage and transform the culture in which we live. Our young people, who will someday replace us in our churches and communities, must be able to represent Jesus Christ to a lost world while holding fast to the central truths of the Scriptures. Again, this process takes intentionality and sacrifice, but for those parents who are seeking a historically excellent, Christ-centered education for their children, Berean Academy is a great school with which to partner!

Tad Nuce Ed. D.
Head of School

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