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Berean Academy Campus

Kingdom Building Campaign

The Kingdom Building Campaign (KBC) is a three-phase building plan that addresses multiple issues on our growing campus. Phase One, completed in January 2021, included an addition to the entire front of the building. This provided for the addition of new offices, a modern cafeteria, as well as improved safety and traffic flow through a double-door vestibule entrance. Phase Two will provide additional classrooms for the substantial increase in our elementary enrollment (more details below). Phase Three will involve replacing the oldest part of our campus, providing a new junior high wing, library, and a much-needed auditorium.

We are currently fundraising for Phase Two, which is an elementary expansion project.  During the past several years, our elementary program has experienced strong growth. So much so that many of our elementary classes have a wait list with students we are unable to accommodate. This addition will provide eight additional classrooms to our elementary wing including a basement storm shelter. The elementary program, currently in three different areas of the campus, will then all be together in one wing which allows for greater unity, collaboration, and cooperation.

Phase Two

Berean Academy Elementary Expansion
Berean Academy Elementary Expansion

Reaching the Goal

Funds Raised as of 43024.png

Berean maintains a "no debt" policy; therefore, we must have adequate gifts and/or pledges before Phase Two construction can be completed or Phase Three can begin. Significant gifts given through IRA distributions, stocks & commodities sales and donor advised funds will help get us to the finish line. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and will help us reach this goal! 

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