Fine Arts

The fine arts curriculum is based on techniques and skills of art making, the history of art, the inter-relatedness of art and culture, and the integration of faith-based expression. By using a wide variety of mediums, our visual art students learn that the historical perspective extends from the earliest of art forms to contemporary expressions by a rich variety of artists and art movements. Instrumental and vocal music students are challenged with playing music of varying degrees of difficulty, learning principles of music theory, applicable music history, and fundamentals of music composition. One of the central themes taught is that art is a gift to us from God, who has given creative expression to all humanity to enjoy and explore.


It is the mission of the high school band program at Berean Academy to use the gift of music bestowed upon us from God to develop musicians of character, heart and proficiency in an environment of excellence, balance, and integrity. With a solid legacy of excellence, the band program strives to train young musicians not only in the art of music but also the teachings of Jesus Christ and the effect music has on a person’s mind, body, and most importantly their soul. 

The theme verse for instrumental music at Berean Academy is Psalm 33:3 which says, “Sing to the Lord a new song, play skillfully, and shout for joy.” This verse covers the four components of performing music: the singer (sing to the Lord); the composer (a new song); play skillfully (the instrumentalist); the audience (shout for joy). Band classes focus on increasing the skills of playing an instrument and includes exploring the roles of the singer, composer,and audience.


Instrumental music at Berean Academy is offered in grades 5-12 with four distinct groups: 5th grade band, 6th grade band, junior high band, and high school band. Students in the junior high and high school bands also have the opportunity to perform individually, in ensembles, and as a large group at various events and concerts throughout the year. High school band includes participating in the concert band and pep band. Students in grades 7-12 audition and are selected for league, district, and state honor bands.


The standard for excellence in instrumental music and musicianship at Berean Academy is second to none. Mrs. Bev Lister has led the band program for over 30 years, achieving a level of excellence that has earned her junior high and high school bands I ratings for many years. Mrs. Lister is recognized as an outstanding director throughout the state of Kansas.



At the very heart of our choir is worship. Again, Jesus Christ is at the center of our very purpose. It is our desire to be atmosphere changers everywhere we sing. If the music has not “moved” us, it will not move the audience. Our teachers are intent on cultivating a culture that will produce unity, fellowship, preference for one another, and worship. Their repertoire includes a wide variety of musical styles.


Berean Academy offers vocal music to all students kindergarten through twelfth grade. First through sixth grade elementary students meet daily receiving instruction in basic music theory, history, singing, and performance. Students perform three times a year in a Grandparents Day program and in winter and spring concerts.


All students in 7th and 8th grade learn to sing in a mixed-voice choir and have elective opportunities for guitar or music theory. In these classes, students learn theory, sight-singing, musical expression, and quality singing tone. Students perform four times a year, in fall and spring concerts, at the league music festival, and at eighth grade promotion.  Last year they achieved a 1+ rating at festival, the highest rating available. The men and women's ensembles also received 1 ratings. Several junior high soloists also competed, all receiving “excellent” or “outstanding” ratings.


High school choir students refine sight-singing skills as well as unaccompanied (a capella) singing. Students perform multiple times throughout the year at fall, winter, and spring concerts, special events, and state contest.  In addition to securing a wonderful reputation at local and state music festivals, last year our high school choir also had the privilege of performing in Carnegie Hall. 


Achieving excellence for God’s glory is a central theme in Berean Academy’s vocal music department. In addition to the multiple home concerts performed each year and large group festivals, choir students in grades 7-12 audition and are selected for league, district and state honor choirs.The high school choir, small ensembles and soloists participate in the KSHSAA regional and state festivals where they regularly receive 1 ratings.


Performing Arts

The senior class at Berean looks forward to presenting the senior play, traditionally held in November. The whole class is involved in the production which draws around 1500 attendees from the surrounding communities each year.


Visual Arts

Visual arts have always been a way to express the beauty of God. Kindergarten through 6th grade students attend art class weekly, learning a broad spectrum of art types. The highlight of the elementary art program is the Berean Elementary Art Show, where our art classes display their creations for the community. 


Studio art is offered as an elective to junior high and high school students, introducing them to different mediums – painting, sculpting, photography, and drawing to name a few. Students are given the opportunity to express their God-given gifts through class projects displayed throughout our building on a regular basis. Student artwork is also displayed at our music concerts in the fall and spring.