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Junior High

The junior high years are some of the most important years in the life of a child. Berean Academy’s junior high program is designed to meet the unique developmental needs of students at this age with high-interest, academically relevant activities, and units of study. This is accomplished while maintaining high academic expectations and preparing students for the challenges of high school. Berean Academy's junior high strives to be a Christ-centered, academically challenging, and spiritually encouraging learning environment where students can grow, fellowship, and be strengthened in their academic development and their relationships with Christ and one another. 

Junior high is a critical time in a student’s worldview development. Strong relationships with our students allow teachers to create an environment that gives students the freedom to ask questions and grow in their personal, academic, and spiritual lives. Students are taught to look to God's Word for the answers to their questions, refusing to seek answers in the world's wisdom. Our prayer is that our students learn to seek Him as they develop a worldview based on the knowledge and wisdom of His Word.

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