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Scholarship Opportunities for Christian Education

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

With the completion of another school year, we find our hearts filled with gratitude for all the many blessings we experienced this year at Berean Academy. The Lord was good, and His faithfulness touched many lives.

I reported in the last Warrior Path that the Kansas legislature was considering several pieces of legislation that would have significantly increased school choice opportunities in Kansas. Sadly, the most ambitious legislation was not passed out of the Kansas Senate and faced Governor Kelly’s veto. However, the Tax Credit for Low-Income Students Scholarship Program was expanded in a bill signed into law in May. The credit for all donors to Renewanation, our Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO), has been increased to a 75% state income tax credit. For example, a $1,000 donation will give you a $750 credit off of your state income taxes. Also, a unique opportunity exists for farmers to donate grain or livestock directly to Renewanation and receive this tax credit.

In addition, which is very significant, the income threshold to qualify for an SGO scholarship increased to 250% of the poverty level. For example, a family of five will see the qualifying income ceiling increase from $65,000 to $87,850 for the 2023-24 school year. This exciting scholarship opportunity is available to K-8 public school students enrolling for the first time at Berean Academy and new kindergarten students. Per state guidelines, Berean Academy can raise up to $8,000 per student, and the funds can be used to pay tuition and most fees.

With the potential for increased grade school enrollment, we are thankful to be several steps closer to starting construction on the new elementary expansion. The duplex has been moved off the property, and its foundation removed. In addition, the Lord has provided over $700,000 towards the new classrooms, so the board has approved plans to begin dirt work this summer.

As I have noted before, the interest of families in Christian education remains especially strong. Join me in praying that the Lord will use the new elementary expansion and the scholarships for low-income students to increase the impact of Berean Academy on our community. We have experienced the Lord’s blessing this past year and look to Him for His guidance, direction, and blessing in the years ahead.


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