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Elementary Christmas Project

Over the past five years, the elementary has hosted an "Elementary Christmas Project" to encourage students to bless those in need during the holidays. This year we heard about the Toy Drive the Heartland Pregnancy Center was having. This ministry serves the Harvey County area and offers support and counseling to young mothers. The coordinator at the Center communicated to us that as young moms take parenting and adult classes or receive counseling services through Heartland, they earn "bucks" to shop for Christmas gifts for their babies and children at home. As a classroom teacher, the "bucks" system motivates my students to earn little rewards for doing the above-and-beyond tasks that 2nd graders can accomplish. So I can see how valuable and motivating a toy shop could be for young moms in need. We rejoice that moms receive godly counsel and have support in their pregnancy. They are choosing life! I love that we can be part of the encouragement process in such a small way. Our students were highly motivated to help and filled our Christmas Toy Drive Sleigh up!

In closing out our toy drive week, I wheeled the sleigh into the gym so the students could see what they accomplished together. Mrs. Jantz led the elementary in a prayer of blessing over the toys - that these gifts would bring joy to the recipients' hearts and that the families touched by our gifts would be blessed with hearing about the love and grace of Jesus. Mrs. Entz and the first graders loaded the toys, and the Entz Sleigh delivered the toys to Newton. As we consider how to help our students be the hands and feet of Jesus, this toy drive accomplished that task. Thank you to all those that participated. May your family find a way this Christmas to spread Christmas cheer - the birth of the Savior that was destined for the Cross!

To learn more about the Heartland Pregnancy Center, visit

If this ministry sounds like a place you'd like to volunteer with, visit


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