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Christ-Centered Education on the Rise

With another year coming to an end, coupled with an increase in alarming societal changes, I am thankful that we have the unchanging Word of God to stand upon. Berean’s founders understood the importance of Scripture when they started the school in 1946. Their love and respect for the Bible was captured in our current vision statement: “Berean Academy equips students with an excellent academic foundation, knowledge of the Scriptures, and a Christ-centered, Bible-based worldview, which enables them to glorify God through Christ-like character and service.” It is a tremendous blessing for this community that God has provided a school committed to His Word at a time when Christian education is so desperately needed. We can be thankful for the sacrifices others have made of their time and treasure so that Berean Academy can serve our families today.

Interest in Christ-centered education continues to grow both on a local and national scale. Our admissions department has already received a record number of inquiries from prospective families for the 2024-25 school year, especially for kindergarten and the elementary program. Finding space for additional students has been a challenge, but with the 8-classroom elementary expansion project started, we are prayerfully optimistic the classrooms we need will be available by next fall. These new rooms will not only provide needed space but will also allow us to consolidate our elementary program while contributing to the board’s long-term strategic plan to replace aging secondary classrooms. The cost of the elementary expansion is $1.5 million, of which the Lord has already provided $900,000.

Of course, with increased enrollment, the need for highly qualified teachers also becomes critically important. We are already anticipating the need for several new grade school teachers for the 2024-25 school year and are actively looking for candidates. Interestingly, government sources report a sharp decline in the number of teachers available since many are retiring or leaving the profession, so we will likely need your help. If you know anyone who would be a good fit for Berean Academy (i.e., an excellent teacher and mature, godly Christian), please encourage them to visit the Berean website for more information.

With the close of another year, please consider making a year-end gift to Berean Academy. For those who would like to make a long-term investment in Christian education, the elementary expansion is a wonderful project to support financially. In addition, gifts to the Family Education Grant and the state-sponsored Low-Income Student Scholarship program are excellent ways to make Christ-centered education available to a growing number of students. As always, thank you for keeping our teachers, students, families, and alumni in your prayers.


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