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2023 Spelling Bee Competitions

In January, twenty-three Berean elementary students tested their spelling skills in the Berean Elementary Spelling Bee. For those of you who pride yourself in being good spellers, Principal Nord invites you to her office to try spelling some of the words from the ACSI Spelling Bee lists! The spelling bee is no easy feat. We are proud of the students for their efforts in preparation and their best attempts at spelling some very uncommon and tricky English words!

The following students participated in the 3rd-4th-grade spelling bee: 3rd graders Janey Busenitz, Addison Friesen, Audra Friesen, Esther Quick, and 4th graders Emma Cusick, Zeeke Entz, Kate Friesen, Chloe Veer. CONGRATULATIONS to Spelling Bee Champion Addison Friesen! 2nd place went to Zeeke Entz, 3rd place to Janey Busenitz, and 4th place to Kate Friesen. Way to go, spellers!

The following students participated in the 5th-8th grade spelling bee: 5th graders Garrett Friesen, Kaylee Schmidtberger, Natalie VanValkenburg, Finnley Walter; 6th graders Jersey Busenitz, Brody Entz, Kesler Friesen, Kai Leinbach; 7th graders Ivy Busenitz, Maggie Evans, Lauren Kruse, Daniel Simkins, Abree Smith; 8th graders Lila Hamm and Rebecca Wilder. CONGRATULATIONS to Spelling Bee Champion Jersey Busenitz! 2nd place went to Kesler Friesen, 3rd to Ivy Busenitz, and 4th to Abree Smith. Hats off to these spellers!


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