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Robotics Update

The 2022 Berean Academy Robotics Team competed in the Kansas BEST Hub Robotics Competition on October 22. This year’s game was themed Made 2 Order, which challenged the team to innovate creative strategies for tomorrow’s vision of personalized order fulfillment. The competition involved three main elements for scoring (the Engineering Design Notebook, the Marketing presentation, and exhibit) and the scoring of the team’s robot on the game field. Each element challenged the team in different ways. The Notebook required the team to communicate to the judges the design and development they utilized through the Engineering Design Process as the team built their robot. The Marketing presentation and exhibit group developed a business model for us to market and sell our robot. Our robot is named CYRUS and finished opening rounds in 8th place out of 20 teams. We made it into the finals with the Team’s Notebook high score in a wildcard round. In the finals, the team finished 7th out of 20 teams across Kansas and received 3rd place in the Team Engineering Notebook. It was an exciting day!


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