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JH HOA League Music Contest Results

Berean JH band and choir students participated in the HOA League Music Contest on Tuesday, March 5, in Bennington, KS. Our students performed well, and we are excited to share their results!

JH HOA League Instrumental Music Results

I           Band

I+        8th Brass Ensemble

Addie Busenitz, Colton Busenitz, Ivy Busenitz, Ellie Evans, Heath Giger, Kiera

Mullins, Seth Potter, Daniel Simkins, Carson Thiessen

I           7th Brass Ensemble

Domenico Cooper, Cody Entz, Kesler Friesen, Eagan George, Caleb Harder,

Kason Sweazy, Eloise Winzer

I           Flute Quartet

Maggie Evans, Madison Nickel, Cecilly Poole-Walker, Averil Simkins

I           Percussion Quintet

Krista Busenitz, Preston Farney, Kai Leinbach, Levi McClenahan, Connor Moran

I           String Quartet

Jersey Busenitz, Brecken Claassen, Luca Quentin, Kaitlynn Thiessen

I           Woodwind Ensemble

Jessa Busenitz, Esther Good, Haylie Regier, Adelynn Jordan, Lauren Kruse,

Katelyn Veer, Piper Wine

I+        Jersey Busenitz, violin solo

I           Brecken Claassen, violin solo

I           Cody Entz, euphonium solo

I+        Ellie Evans, trombone solo

II+       Maggie Evans, flute solo

I+        Kai Leinbach, xylophone solo

I           Kiera Mullins, trumpet solo

I+        Madison Nickel, flute solo

JH HOA League Vocal Results


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