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Homecoming 2024 Mr. and Miss Berean

Berean celebrated its annual Homecoming celebration on Friday, February 2, with gatherings for alumni, the crowning of Mr. and Miss Berean, and some intense basketball games against Ell-Saline.  It was wonderful to see the stands crowded with graduates reconnecting, some after many years apart.  The candidates for Mr. and Miss Berean were selected by the student body and based on a student’s academic accomplishments, character, spiritual leadership, and overall school participation. The candidates for Miss Berean were Kylie Nichols, Tara Tucker, and Abigail Evans, with Henry Giger, Nick Krebs, and Trevor Nusz for Mr. Berean. Nick Krebs and Abigail Evans were chosen as Mr. and Miss Berean for 2024, with the final selection coming from the Berean faculty and staff. Congratulations to Nick and Abigail and everyone nominated to the Homecoming Court.


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