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HOA League Art Festival Results

Berean Academy art students participated in the HOA League Art Festival at Remington High School on April 5, 2023. Our students did quite well, with the majority receiving Honorable Mention. Students participating were:

Sophomores Juniors Seniors

Isaac Sohn Baylian Smith Zach Briscoe

Jeremiah Briscoe Emery Tippin Lindsey Edgren

Titus Veer Avery Wiebe Maria Graber

Taylor Balzer Flora Morgan Liz Bachman

Jill Busenitz Tara Tucker Kelsey Koontz

Tayton Smith

Our student's creations did well, and we are excited to share their results.

Black and White Pencil Black and White Ink

Honorable Mention: Jeremiah Briscoe 1st Place: Emery Tippen

Honorable Mention: Avery Wiebe

Colored Drawing Pencil Watercolor Painting

1st Place: Lindsey Edgren 2nd Place: Avery Wiebe

2nd Place: Avery Wiebe

3rd Place: Emery Tippin

2D Mixed Media and Design Freestanding Sculpture metal, wood, assemblage

Honorable Mention: Maria Graber Honorable Mention: Jill Busenitz, Elana Thiessen,

and Taylor Balzer

Non-functional Ceramics Sculpture Functional Hand Built Ceramics

2nd Place: Baylian Smith First Place: Jeremiah Briscoe

Honorable Mention: Elayna Thiessen

Opaque Painting Acrylic

1st Place: Lindsey Edgren

2nd Place: Emery Tippin

Honorable Mention: Liz Bachman

You can also check out their entries in the photos below! Thank you, Mrs. Meisinger, for your work with the students to bring forth such beautiful creations and the encouragement you give them.


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