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Fifth Graders Experience Forms of Matter and Early American Colonization

The 5th-grade class enjoyed their first field trip to Karg Art Glass, Cowtown, and the Nifty Nut House in Wichita on Friday, October 7, 2022! As a follow-up to their study of states of matter in science, students saw the glass in its liquid and solid forms during their visit to Karg Art Glass.

To experience firsthand their studies on America's colonization, they traveled to Cowtown to see what life was like in our country's early years.

They also got a little nutty at the Nifty Nut House to enjoy some fun and delicious snacks! Thank you, Karg Art Glass, Cowtown, and the Nifty Nut House, for hosting our students, Mrs. Wiebe for a fun trip, our bus driver, and all the parents who came to enjoy this time together!


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