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Fall 2022 Music Review

Exciting things have been happening in the music department this fall. On October 5, Berean hosted the 2022 HOA League Honors Choir. One hundred and thirty-three students from nine schools participated in a mass choir event under the direction of Dr. Greg Zielke from Tabor College. Berean’s Honor Choir participated, and Atiera Langenberg was chosen as one of the soloists for the performance of “City Called Heaven,” the final song of the day. While it was a busy day, it was also a fantastic musical opportunity for our students to be part of something bigger than they normally experience.

Similarly, selected students from the Berean Concert Band attended the 2022 HOA League Honors Band on November 9. There were ninety-five students from ten schools that constituted the mass band. The guest clinician was Mr. Doug Talbott, Bethany College Professor Emeritus of Music. The group worked all morning and then performed a concert at 1 pm. The program consisted mainly of Americana music and concluded with “The Light Eternal,” in which Tayana Nord was chosen to play a soprano sax solo.

Several middle school students auditioned for the 2023 Middle-Level All-State Choir. Nayu Lee (8th) and Madison Nickel (7th) were selected as sopranos for the performance, which will be on Friday, February 24. Several high school students auditioned for the South Central KMEA district choir and band. The following students were chosen to participate in the honors concerts to be held on Saturday, December 3: Macy Mitchell, Flute; Tayana Nord, Alto Saxophone; Rachel Widler, Tenor Saxophone; Abby Evans, Percussion; Trevor Nusz, Timpani; Kaitlyn Schanbacher, Treble Choir Soprano II; Kessa Case, Mixed Choir Soprano I; Kate Roseberry, Mixed Choir Soprano II; Atiera Langenberg, Mixed Choir Alto I.


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