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Elementary Students Road Tripping Across the USA with Reading

Principal Nord and the elementary teachers are making reading exciting and fun for the 2022-23 school year. Why focus on reading for a week or a month when you can challenge students to read throughout the year? And what better way to encourage students to read than taking a road trip from Sea to Shining Sea?

The elementary department began gearing up for their road trip with a hat day! Students came dressed in fun hats, got into their jeeps, and raced to gather words to begin their journey.

After completing the races, older elementary students found their designated reading buddies and shared a story about friendship called "A Friend Like You." Principal Nord then encouraged the students to ask their reading buddies one question to learn more about them.

The teachers then took their students back to class, where they drew or wrote a short description from the story shared in their passports. Once completed, they received an official sticker to mark their beginning in their passport books. Students will read throughout the month to keep track of the miles traveled to their 3000-mile goal before they make a pit stop to view the Grand Canyon in November. What a great way to develop a love for reading!


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