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Diggin' Up a Good Book

The Berean Elementary students participated in Reading week October 25-29, 2021. The students were challenged to read 27,000 minutes to attain their goal! Not only did they read 27,000 minutes, but they BLEW past it with 38,000 minutes! WOW!! We are so proud of how the boys and girls spent focused time on reading. Taking time each day to read is creating a life-long habit of growing and learning. We thank the Lord for this incredible gift!

Throughout the week, they focused on what it means to "DIG INTO A GOOD BOOK":

Monday: What treasures can you find in a book? God's Word is a bountiful treasure chest!

Tuesday: What truths do you find when reading God's Word? Students took time to share about the characters they dressed up as, which launched many conversations about the truths that God provides for us.

Wednesday: What godly character do you find in a book? We took time to list the attributes of God and then shared how we saw characters in our books model the attributes of God. What a challenge!

Thursday: What can you learn from someone older than you or from the past? There were many conversations about how our parents looked, dressed, and acted when they were younger. We were reminded in Romans 15:4 that "everything was written in the past to teach us…."

Friday: How can you share what you learned with others? When we read God's Word and learn from those around us, we should feel compelled to help others. The students were challenged to use their skills now to help someone else. What blessings!

On Tuesday morning, November 2, we braved the cold weather and had a Reading Celebration to commemorate our hard work!

The students were rewarded with two 4-square courts, a bag full of recess balls, two large jump ropes, and three diggers to be installed in the playground. We played a couple of games of football, 4-square, jumped rope, and played gaga ball. The students enjoyed the extra time to "play."

Our prayer is that the students will continue reading and use what they learn to be a blessing to those around them. We want to give a big "THANK YOU" to all the parents for their willingness to coach and encourage their children to participate in Reading Week, not only dressing up but also "DIGGING IN!"


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