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Berean Presents - The Mouse That Roared

On November 10 and 11, a large cast and crew of high school students performed The Mouse That Roared, a stage play adapted by Christopher Sergel from the book by Leonard Wibberley. 


In the show, the present Duchess Gloriana (Abby Evans), sovereign of the Independent Duchy of Grand Fenwick, a microscopic country in the Alps founded centuries ago by a roving band of English bowmen, is faced with the near bankruptcy of her tiny domain. After the U.S. inadvertently destroys Grand Fenwick’s economy, Gloriana confers with her advisors, Count Mountjoy (Trevor Nusz) and Dana Benter (Kylee Nichols) to decide how to respond. Gloriana's unique solution to the financial crisis is to declare war on the U.S.! There's some method to her madness, however, for her study of recent history suggests that the surest way to wealth today is to lose a war with the United States, for that country's odd reaction is to pour aid, relief, and rehabilitation on the vanquished. When her "declaration" is considered a prank, Gloriana decides to escalate! Tully Bascomb (Luke Regier), presently in charge of the bowmen, is to launch an attack on New York City so they can surrender and reap the rewards. Serious-minded Tully, however, upsets all calculations when he and his bowmen do the last thing expected—they win! 


Through a “ridiculous fluke” (or so claims General Snippet (Isaac Snook)), Tully and his right-hand man Will Tatum (Nick Krebs) capture the General, a physicist named Professor Kokintz (Breeson George), and the Professor’s newly invented “Q-Bomb,” the most powerful weapon in the world (which Professor Kokintz refers to as a “peace weapon”).  With his prisoners in tow, Tully returns to Grand Fenwick victorious, just like his brave ancestors of old returned home victorious from their battle with the French, as noted by his proud mother, Mrs. Bascom (Paige Ensey). 


After coming to the terrible realization that the United States has managed to lose a war to a roving band of 14th century European bowmen, the President of the United States (Micah Kruse), his Secretary of State Charlotte Beston (Baylian Smith), and the overworked Undersecretary Wilkins (Emry Tippin), resign themselves to the only possible solution: they must sue for peace from a nation whose total population wouldn’t make a good gate at a football game! 


Once again, however, the Fenwickians defy expectations when, after accepting generous terms from the U.S. to end the war, Tully announces that Fenwick will keep the bomb and establish the “Tiny Twenty,” a group of the smallest 20 nations, formed to keep the superpower nations in check. The weary Secretary Beston can only shake her head and marvel at the foolish audacity of that microscopic little mouse of a country.


As Christians, however, we know even better than Secretary Beston that world peace won’t come simply because someone has the biggest bomb or the newest technology, the “right” politics or form of government, or through any other means. Rather, it will only be through the return in glory of our Lord Jesus Christ that true and lasting peace will finally be established. And oh, how we can look forward to that glorious day!


The Mouse That Roared was directed by Jeff Evans, and assisted by Abby Evans (student director) and Gavin Evans (lead stage manager). The whole production company included over 40 actors and crew! Seniors with parts or in the crew not already mentioned were Avery Wiebe, Drake Winzer, Eben Busenitz, Devin Busenitz, James Bender, and Wyatt Estes. Thank you to the cast and crew and many parents who donated their time and skills to help make this year's play a great success.


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