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3-8th Grade Spelling Bee Results

Each year, the Berean 3-8th grade students compete to earn spots at the ACSI District Spelling Bee in Wichita, with an opportunity to advance to the Regional Bee in Dallas. This year, ACSI decided not to hold the Regional or the National Spelling Bees. In addition, the District Spelling Bee competition will only be for 5-8 grades. While unfortunate, we are excited to have the opportunity to participate in person at the District Spelling Bee, scheduled for Friday, January 14.

The 3-8th grade class spelling bees took place in the chapel on Monday, December 6, 2021. Each speller did a great job, and we are excited to share the results! While the 3-4th grades won't attend the ACSI Spelling Bee in January, we want to congratulate them for earning the title "Top Berean Spellers" for their classes.

3rd Grade

1st Place - Kate Friesen, 2nd Place - Chloe Veer, 3rd Place - Will Winzer

4th Grade

1st Place - Garrett Friesen, 2nd Place - Ella Busenitz, 3rd Place - Griffin McClenahan

The top four spellers in the 5-8th grade have the opportunity to represent Berean Academy at the ACSI Spelling Bee held at CCA in Wichita on Friday, January 14.

5th Grade

1st - Kai Leinbach, 2nd - Jersey Busenitz, 3rd - Haylie Regier, and 4th - Gage Smeeton

6th Grade

1st - Katelyn Veer, 2nd - Kenny Powell, 3rd - Maggie Evans, and 4th - Ivy Busenitz

7th Grade

1st - Luke Friesen, 2nd - Lawson Wiebe, 3rd - Lila Hamm, and 4th - Bridget Estes

8th Grade

1st - Macy Mitchell, 2nd - Mandee Nuce, 3rd - Ella Veer, and 4th - Jill Bender

Congratulations, spellers, on a job well done! We want to thank all the parents, students, and teachers for supporting their spellers. Thank you to Lenora Wiebe, Cindy Matzek, and especially Bitty Wiebe for their time preparing and overseeing the Spelling Bee for our students!


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