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Senior Play Review

On November 12 and 13, the senior class of 2022 presented The Jungle Book by Joseph Robinette. The play was directed by Kim Klein and assisted by Deanna Nuce. It opened with young Rudyard Kipling, played by Eli Nord, writing in his dorm room in 1880. As he wrote, two protagonist students (Zak Richards, Tobin Simkins) entered his room to taunt and bully him. After being stopped by Headmaster Price and Chaplain Willies (Taylor Sweazy, Ben Willoughby), Rudyard continued his writing, and the story opened in a beautiful jungle setting in India. Rudyard used his trials in college to write a story of triumph through his character, the young Mowgli. Baloo the bear (Austin Thiesen) and Bagheera the panther (Jake Koslowsky) were able to save young Mowgli’s life, and he was then raised in the jungle home of the wolf family (Zach Kruse, Sayge Gardiner, Sophie Brown, Harley Helsel). The sinister tiger Shere Khan (Audrey Lancaster), and a menacing hyena sidekick (Sara Stucky), attempted to seize power but were thwarted. The young Rudyard completed his story with a happy ending. Other cast members included: Clara Regier as Mistress Crofts, Sophie Dugger as Kaa the snake, Teagan Smith as Rann, Johanna Smith as Massua, Sally Wine as Dari, and Matt Orpin as a "would be" wolf leader. Wolves and monkeys were played by Tokiwa Armstrong, Stefany Entz, Elise Harms, Katherine Harms, and Ethan Kornfeld. Harley Helsel was a hard-working student director.


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