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Junior High Fall 2023 Retreat

The junior high retreat was held on Friday, August 18, and was a huge success. STUCO and the staff provided a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage before students and teachers headed to East Lake Park. Mr. Davis began by leading everyone in a time of worship. Mr. Joe Thiessen led a devotional time with his hen, Josey, who had not been treated well by the other chickens. He spoke of how cows, when in a new enclosure, set up a pecking order, and we, as humans, are tempted to do the same sometimes. Using scripture, he pointed out how Christ wants us to be humble, loving, and live in harmony with each other. He also shared how God comforts the downcast, reminding students to be like Christ in their love and respect for God and others. He encouraged being tender, compassionate, and putting others before themselves. His final challenge was to choose to be for each other and not against each other. Cheri Busenitz led some fun team-building games. One game had students protect an egg by surrounding it with paper, tape, and straws. Each contraption was then dropped by students from the top of the slide to see which ones were most protected. It was fun to see students problem-solve and work together. Coach Cheri did a fantastic job of reminding us how important it is to protect and love each other. It was a fun-filled, impactful day where students could play, connect with each other, and take away some challenging teaching.


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