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HOA League Art Festival Results

Several Berean art students traveled to Ell-Saline on Wednesday, April 6, to present their artwork at the HOA Art Festival! They created some beautiful pieces and were excited to share their masterpieces in the competition. Students participating were Taylor Balzer, Jeremiah Briscoe, Aspyn Choi, Elizabeth Bollinger, Eben Busenitz, Lindsey Edgren, Elise Harms, Flora Morgan, Titus Veer, and Avery Wiebe.

Our student's work did well, and we are excited to share their results with you.

1st Place - Elise Harms - Watercolor

2nd Place - Flora Morgan - Ceramics

2nd Place - Aspyn Choi - Graphite Pencil and Black Ink

We also had several students receive Honorable Mention:

Titus Veer - Wood Sculpture

Avery Wiebe - Graphite Pencil & Ceramics

Eben Busenitz- Watercolor

Aspyn Choi - Watercolor

Jeremiah Briscoe - Graphite Pencil

You can also check out their entries in the photos below! Thank you, Mrs. Meisinger, for your work with the students to bring forth such beautiful creations and the encouragement you give them.


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