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Career Day

Berean Academy officially had its first Career Day on Wednesday, February 8. We invited community members, parents, and alumni to share the different careers they represent with our high school students. About 40 people represented career groups in social work, education, entrepreneurship, business and economics, the trades, arts, politics, finance, first responders and military, medical, aviation, and the church and mission field. The goals were:

  1. Expand students' awareness of the different vocations they might like to consider.

  2. Encourage students to start appreciating how God has designed humans as His image bearers who create and care for His world and each other, redeeming it for His glory when they do so.

Our presenters enjoyed lunch together, compliments of our awesome kitchen staff, and were then led to their stations by our faculty "hosts" for an afternoon of presentations. Students then visited their top three career interests they had selected on a survey. Our presenters did a fantastic job sharing what they do, what a typical day or year looks like, what skills it takes to be proficient, what preparation/roadmap was needed to get there, why they enjoy their job so much, what kind of value it provides, and how does being a Christian impact what they do or how they do it.

It was a wonderful opportunity for students to hear the testimonies of how God puts people in their vocations and the deep satisfaction of knowing that. We look forward to planning Career Day for next year and ways to make it a more meaningful experience in our students' journey to discovering their story within God's story.


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