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Berean Academy Hunger Challenge

On Wednesday, April 12, our students participated in the Berean Academy Hunger Challenge in partnership with Heaven Sent Ministries. We provided a school-wide service opportunity for our students by packaging food for distribution to hard-hit countries like Ukraine, South Sudan, and Ghana. Our high school students did a fantastic job all day - they started with setting up the middle school gym, unloading supplies from trucks, and then packaging food. Our junior high students joined the work for several hours, and even our grade school students were given an opportunity to participate. Amazingly, the students packed over 100,000 meals, which greatly exceeded our friends' expectations from Heaven Sent Ministries since we ran out of ingredients and had to stop well before they had planned.

Not only did the high school kids do a great job, but they did it with a great attitude and were willing, even at the end, to jump in with willing hands to finish cleaning up. One high school student told me that she was disappointed that she didn't get to pack enough meals! A number of junior high students returned voluntarily to the gym in the afternoon to pack more food, and many grade school students expressed great disappointment that they didn't get to package food longer! What great kids!

One of the greatest blessings of the day was seeing Berean's youngest students working alongside juniors and seniors, united in a common purpose. As Mr. Wine said, "I'm not the touchy, feely type, but it was quite moving to see all the different ages working together." I agree! This is a great tribute to our students who worked so hard and did a great job! This was a great opportunity for our students to put hands/feet into the Great Commission as we worked together as a school community to provide food in the name of Jesus Christ to the world's most needy populations. Join me in praising the Lord for such a positive service experience for our students, which I think will bear much fruit in their lives and the families we helped to feed.


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