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Winter Music Review

J.S. Bach said it best when he said, "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul." It is exciting to see Berean's students learn how to use the gifts that God has given them to glorify God. Students have been busy preparing for All-State performances, spring contests, and festivals. Four of our high school band students have been selected to perform in the KMEA 1234A All-State Band: Sara Stucky, Clarinet (3rd year); Eli Nord, Trombone (2nd year); Tayana Nord, Alto Saxophone (2nd year); Rachel Widler, Tenor Saxophone (1st year). Similarly, three choir students were involved in All-State groups. Will Snook, Bass (1st year), participated in the KMEA Middle-Level Choir. Sopranos performing in the KMEA All-State Treble choir were Kate Roseberry (1st year) and Kaitlyn Schanbacher (1st year). These musicians rehearsed with students from across the state on February 24 and 25, culminating in a concert at Century II Concert Hall in Wichita. Congratulations to our excellent musicians for their work and the dedication they exemplify!

In addition, after the Eli J. Walter tournament held on January 24-29,2022, we received a letter from KSHSAA based on the officials' report of unusual circumstances in a game. The report reads as follows:

"The Berean Academy pep band was amazing Saturday afternoon before and during the Eli J Walter Girls Tournament championship game. It was great to hear an enthusiastic pep band when so many schools have recorded music played over the loudspeakers during the pregame warm-ups. And during the game, the pep band became an enthusiastic group of fans for their team. Thank you to all the members of the Berean Academy pep band and Ms. Lister."

The administration is very proud of the pep band and Mrs. Lister's strong leadership over the years!

Not pictured: Kaitlyn Schanbacher, Kate Roseberry, and Will Snook


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