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Spring Music Department Review

The music department had a busy spring with programs that were full of fun surprises! On April 26, the elementary students put on a fabulous production of “The Sailor’s Bible,” which included stories of Noah, Jonah, and a shipwrecked Paul. One of the highlights included Jonah being thrown overboard and swallowed by a fish (a giant fish-shaped sleeping bag)! On May 2, the high school band shared several traditional gospel camp songs, followed by the instrument ensembles that had received I ratings at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival in April. The audience enjoyed the Berean Singer’s edition of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” complete with percussion and a solo from Tobias Klein. During the 5th-8th concert on May 9, Mrs. Lister conducted the 6th grade band with her lightsaber. The Junior High Band performed a “Frogs” arrangement, which was almost realistic with frog guiros and marsh sounds. The Junior High boys had fun singing about “Duct Tape” with their duct tape bouquets and ties, and no one will soon forget the 5th and 6th grader’s rendition of “Meet Me at the Fishin’ Hole,'' complete with the “pop” of the sodas at the end. It was a spring season of fun-filled music. The music faculty would like to thank everyone for a fabulous year!


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