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Elementary Kansas Day Celebration

The Berean Elementary teachers planned a fun day of activities for the students to celebrate Kansas Day! The day was split into six rotation groups pairing the younger students with their reading buddies. They enjoyed STEM activities, food, games, crafts, and maps, and who could forget the autos?

The day began with students making biscuits to show students how families worked together and made their food from scratch. The biscuits were then delivered to a special mom helper who baked them in the FACS room. The students then made butter and frosted cookies and ate the delicious biscuits they made in the food room.

The game room consisted of old-time toys, stilts, gunny sack races, jackstones, and more. It was a fun sight to see the students figure out the stilts and play games enjoyed in the past. Ragdolls, flyers/whirligigs were all the rave in the craft room, while building log houses and learning about windmills and water towers captivated students in the STEM room. The students engaged in a map scavenger hunt by ABCs in the maps room.

Last but certainly not least, the students enjoyed car rides in old cars and enjoyed checking out a combine and tractors. It was a horn-honking festival that will go down in Berean history as the best Kansas Day Celebration ever!

We want to thank the teachers for their planning and all the moms and grandmas who came to help guide students and ensure they were in their proper rotations. We also want to thank Mr. Penner for supplying the combine and tractors for the students to explore and Mr. Funk and Mr. Zimmerman for providing the car rides. The day ended up being beautiful and warm, and we are so thankful to celebrate Kansas' birthday in this extraordinary way.


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