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Kansas Day Celebrations

The Berean Elementary students celebrated Kansas' 159th birthday on Thursday, January 30, due to a snow day. The students came dressed in their prairie wear as cowboys, Indians, and young ladies that settled in our great state. The teachers planned fun activities for the students! They staged a museum in the Kindergarten classroom filled with items provided by Kauffman Museum native to our history. The students also enjoyed a presentation by Mrs. Tjaden from Revel Gardens, who shared the life cycle of a sunflower.

Christian School Kansas Day

Our upper elementary students did Kansas research centers where they looked for historical information on the cities and counties. They also learned interesting facts about Kansas too. They completed the afternoon by decorating cookies that looked like sunflowers!

Kansas Day Berean Academy

Thank you to our teachers, Kauffman Museum located in North Newton, Mrs. Tjaden of Revel Gardens in Wichita, and parents who helped our students celebrate Kansas' birthday in a fun and a memorable way!

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