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Fall Would-Be Games

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

The Berean Academy student organization, Christian Action, will be hosting the Fall Would-Be Games on Friday, October 8th. This event is a fundraiser involving the entire high school student body and any Berean family who wants to attend and support student summer missions. The proceeds raised during the evening financially assist students going on summer mission trips and provide the operational budget for Christian Action.

This year the evening will include a volleyball tournament for high school students. Would-Be Games provides an opportunity for students currently not involved in athletic competition in volleyball—they “would-be” volleyball players. All high school boys are eligible to play volleyball. In addition, all girls not on the high school volleyball team will be eligible for the volleyball tournament. The evening begins at 5:00 PM with dinner, a hotdog eating contest at 5:30 PM, and volleyball competitions in both gymnasiums starting at 6:00 PM.

The money raised from the fall Would-Be Games is used to purchase supplies for Christian Action events throughout the year, and all of the additional proceeds support Berean students going on summer missions trips. All junior high and high school students going on summer missions trips will be able to request money from Christian Action for their trips. We will provide more details regarding this opportunity to students in the spring.

The entire family is invited to enjoy the evening of Would-Be Games. Admission is $2 for students, $3 for adults, and $7 for families. A meal will be served starting at 5:00 PM and can be purchased for $5. The full meal includes either a taco or a sub sandwich with chips, a dessert (pie or sheet cake), and a drink. We look forward to a great evening!


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