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Chick-Fil-A Impact Project

Chick-Fil-A sponsors the Leader Academy program in almost 1,000 high schools across the country, allowing students to learn and apply leadership skills. "Impact through Action" is the vision for Leader Academy. Because of this, the students are challenged to create and execute two annual service projects: Do Good December and the spring Impact Project. Our Leader Academy students from the 2020-2021 calendar year found great success with these projects!

In December 2020, our facilitator, Mrs. Cheri Busenitz, and Berean Leader Academy students organized a Christmas Card drive for the elderly. This project involved the entire school involved, and we delivered over 2,000 Christmas cards to five area nursing homes.

Last year's "Impact Project" was a benefit for the Levi Minkevitch family. Students planned an outdoor movie event which also included concessions, yard games, and a silent auction. Even with inclement weather moving the event indoors, students successfully raised over $4,700 and had nearly 500 in attendance. We are grateful for Chick-fil-A's involvement, as our local operator donated 500 sandwiches, and the corporate offices filmed the experience for future training and leadership events. Please see the video provided by Chick-Fil-A covering the "Impact Project" by clicking the button below.

This year makes our 5th year with the program. Mrs. Tami Veer launched the kick-off event on September 23, 2021, with 13 Berean students and our favorite Chick-Fil-A leadership staff. As of today, 58 Berean Academy students have participated in the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy. We are excited to see what the Leader Academy students will do this year and see the growth in leadership skills they will gain!


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