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Berean Elementary Students Blessing Others

Berean Academy Elementary Christian School Service

When the Berean K-3rd grade elementary teachers began preparing for the 100th day of school, they wanted to show the students just how big 100 is and encourage them to find a way to bless others. To help the children see how big 100 is, they had a 100-day challenge to collect 100 candy bars and 100 stuffed animals to benefit two organizations in our communities, The Wichita Children's Home and the residents at Wheat State Manor in Whitewater.

We are excited to announce that on Tuesday, January 28, the students reached their goal! The students will officially celebrate their 100th day of school this Thursday, February 6. The teachers and students will join together to pray over their collections before the teachers deliver them this week.

Thank you to our K-3 teachers, students, and all who helped make this goal come to fruition! Because of you, stuffed animals will go to children going through hard times, and our elderly will enjoy a sweet treat that all began with the idea to show students how big 100 is.

Berean Elementary Christian School Service


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