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ACSI Math Olympics Results

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Berean Academy competed in a Math Olympics with a number of other Christian schools in the South Central Region of ACSI. Six students from each 3-8th grade class represented the school for these math tests. For each grade, three students took the math reasoning test, and three students took the math computation test. Congratulations to the following students who scored in the top 3 spots for the following grades/tests:

Math Computation

5th Grade - Mason Alexander – 3rd place

8th Grade - Sylas Nord – 1st Place

Jeremiah Briscoe – 3rd place

Math Reasoning

4th Grade – Cody Entz – 1st place

5th Grade – Kenny Powell – 1st place

Levi McClenahan – 2nd place

Eli Brooks – 3rd place

6th Grade – Luke Friesen – 1st place

7th Grade – Camryn Winzer – 3rd place

8th Grade – Alex Janzen – 2nd place

Logan Sweazy – 3rd place


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