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5th Grade Grandparents Day

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The front entrance of Berean was graced with adults who looked slightly older than high school students on Thursday, September 30. Grandparents Day looked quite different this year from how it has looked in the past. Rather than the event involving the entire elementary, only the fifth grade hosted grandparents.

After brief introductions, the students showed their grandparents a Book-in-a-Box book report they had recently completed. Grandparents had been invited to bring a toy from the past, so time was spent as a few showed toys or articles from their youth. One granddad had a toy from the 1950s, which he had been given in his elementary years. A grandma shared a special doll from her childhood, while a few other significant objects were shown.

The children had prepared four different Reader’s Theaters, which they presented. A downpour of rain kept the readers from being heard, but when the weather cleared later, the performance was repeated, enabling all to hear. Coffeecake and coffee were served in the cafeteria during a break, which gave the opportunity for students to ask their grandparents specific questions. Many of the grandchildren learned things they did not know before!

Returning to the gym, Mrs. Boettcher led the class in singing two special numbers. With only a few weeks to prepare, she did a tremendous job of getting them ready! Capping off their time together, the grandchildren got to listen while the grandparents told stories from their childhood. One grandpa revealed how he had been raised in Japan only a short time after World War II, and he shared Japanese coins with each of the students. Many excellent “back-in-the-good-ol’-days” stories were told. It was a special blessing to see grandparents interacting with their grandchildren throughout the morning.

We want to thank everyone who played a part in making Grandparents Day special. It was a time of sweet connection and fellowship that was endeared by all from beginning to end. Grandparents have a wonderful heritage to share with their grandchildren, and we sing praises to the Lord for them!


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