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Homecoming 2020

January 17, 2020

School spirit filled the (cold) air at Berean Academy last week as our students and staff celebrated homecoming week with spirit days! Heroes, cowboys, Indians, Disney characters, and patriots filled the hallway throughout the week, which ended with Hawaiian Friday.

Students gathered in the gym for our homecoming pep rally on Friday morning. The Berean Pep Band kicked off the rally, and seniors Ashtyn Matzek and David Entz led the student body in a new student section cheer called the "Moses." Coach Lewis Wiebe also recited his annual homecoming poem which did not disappoint!

Mr. Bowers led a human surfing competition in which each of the 7th through 12th grade classes competed against one another. After three rounds of competition, the seniors were named the surfing champions!

Alumni, friends, family, and Warrior fans gathered on Friday evening, January 17, as the Warriors took on Sterling. The homecoming ceremony and the crowning of Mr. and Miss Berean took place after the boys varsity game. Congratulations to Mr. Berean and Miss Berean 2020, Jake Landis and Courtney Slabach! Many thanks to Mrs. Sara Meisinger, Mr. Jerry McClenahan, and the Berean Student Council who worked hard to make our Hawaiian Homecoming a success!

Homecoming 2020
Jake Landis, Courtney Slabach, Keaton Leinbach, Ashtyn Matzek, Lauren Regier, David Entz


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