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Berean Students Compete in School Spelling Bee

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Students in the 3rd - 8th grades participated in the Berean Spelling Bees held yesterday, December 3. Each speller did a great job! We want to thank our judges, Alex Krestan, Lenora Wiebe, and Cindy Matzek, for overseeing both spelling bees.

Garrett Friesen won the 3rd-4th grade spelling bee, and Gabe Dennett took second place. An exciting spell-off between three students was needed to determine the 4th place winner.

3-4th Grade Spelling Bee

1st Place - Garrett Friesen - 3rd Grade

2nd Place - Gabe Dennett - 4th Grade

3rd Place - Cosette Busenitz - 3rd Grade

4th Place - Cody Entz - 4th Grade

The 5-8th grade had a great competition with some extremely challenging words. Leah Entz won the spelling bee, and Ivy Busenitz took second place. Finding the third-place winner resulted in a spell-off with five students, but time ran out before a winner could be determined, so all five students shared the 3rd place win!

5-8th Grade Spelling Bee

1st Place - Leah Entz - 7th Grade

2nd Place - Ivy Busenitz - 5th grade

3rd Place Tie - Luke Friesen (6th), Mandee Nuce (7th), Anna Powell (8th), Will Snook (6th), Katelyn Veer (5th)

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