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2020 Praise and Celebration Honorees

Updated: May 18, 2020

Mrs. Beverly Lister is being honored for 35 years of service to Berean Academy. In her first year at Berean, there were 14 students enrolled in the senior high band. In the time that Mrs. Lister has been here, the band program has grown tremendously and is one of the top five distinctive of our school as identified by our staff when surveyed. Mrs. Lister has proven herself to be a master teacher in music education. She serves as our instrumental instructor for grades 5-12 and teaches guitar to a class of junior-high students as well. Professionally, she is a respected state-wide as a music educator and is actively involved in KMEA. She has served as an adjudicator at numerous music contests and festivals.

Even though she is not in a traditional academic classroom setting, she has helped her students understand the importance of pursuing excellence in all that they do. Her students would tell you that she is a very demanding “taskmaster” and that band is not a “pud” class. Believing that music is a life-long skill, Mrs. Lister has helped her students to enjoy developing their appreciation and love for music.

Our Fine Arts trophy case reveals the success of her work with her students. Our instrumental program is second to none, having earned top awards with large and small groups through the years of her tenure. She also directs our Pep Band, which has been called the best Pep Band in the state by many who have heard the students play at our basketball games.

As is true of any of our teachers, Mrs. Lister is more than an educator, she is a servant-leader who is committed to serving her Lord and Savior by serving others via the ministry of Christian education.

Mrs. Lister, thank you for your dedication to ministry and excellence these past thirty-five years.

Mrs. Arleta Wiebe has served students primarily in the area of Language Arts in her 25 years at Berean. She also serves as our curriculum director and Senior Play sponsor. She has a great sense of humor and is very creative artistically. She is the go-to person for creating our school theme posters, etc. She is also sought after by the juniors and seniors at banquet time for her artistic abilities. Her students enjoy her creative ability with technology as well. Mrs. Wiebe, thank you for your dedication and commitment to the ministry of Christian education at Berean Academy for the past twenty-five years.

Mr. Russel Busenitz is being recognized for 20 years of service. He taught sixth grade for the first fifteen years and has taught Math at the junior high level for the past five years. He also serves as our senior high head soccer coach and as an assistant coach for junior high basketball and track. Thank you, Mr. Busenitz, for your twenty years of ministry to our students and their families.

Mrs. Nita Newby has served faithfully as the teacher of fourth grade for the past 20 years. She is very diligent and conscientious about all she does and is always well-prepared for class. Even though she is quiet and reserved, she runs a very structured classroom conducive for learning. Thank you, Mrs. Newby, for your ministry to students and families these past twenty years.

Mrs. Staci Landis has served in our elementary program for 10 years and is currently teaching sixth grade. She is a very positive and encouraging teacher and relates very well to her students and parents. Her love for teaching and her students is evident in the classroom every day. Thank you, Mrs. Landis, for your ten years of ministry to our students and their families.

Mrs. Robyn Stucky has served as our Admissions Director for the past 10 years. She is the first point of contact with Berean for new students and their families and spends many hours helping new families learn the ropes of Berean Academy. Thank you, Mrs. Stucky, for your ten years of pursuing students to attend Berean.


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