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S'more Elementary Reading Challenge Success

This year the elementary team chose to emphasize reading throughout the year, instead of just a week-long celebration, as has been done in the past. Each month students had a class reading goal to meet to move their class jeep across a map in the elementary hallway. Many teachers commented on the value of reading each day and continuing to encourage that all year long. The more a student reads, the better reader he becomes. We believe that and wanted to practice that skill this school year. We were excited to celebrate our reading success as each grade completed the road trip "from Sea to Shining Sea."

Our celebration was a "Reading S'more" party. The courtyard was split into three areas: the campfires and roasting sticks (monitored by Mr. Good, the teachers, and some Room Moms), the s'mores table (hosted by some more Room Moms), and class Jenga (hosted by Mrs. Nord and Mrs. Matzek). The students were diligent about safety while roasting marshmallows and enjoyed the tasty treat. The students were competitive and encouraging to one another in playing Jenga. Everyone had a chilly but enjoyable morning. We couldn't have had such a great time without the numerous parents that prepared the crackers, guided the roasting sticks, and kept the groups moving. Thank you!!


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