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Berean Academy and Distance Learning

Updated: May 5, 2020

COVID-19 has brought much fear and uncertainty to the world around us. It has affected each person, school, business, etc. at varying levels, but one thing is certain, it reminds us where our focus and faith should lie.

Now that we have had three weeks of Distance Learning under our belts, we wanted to share what we have learned and observed. Christian education at Berean Academy comes with a connection! We genuinely feel the absence of our students and desire to be with them. Our families blessed us as they drove through to pick up their children's belongings. It was the last time to see them physically, and it provided some closure to classroom time ending so soon. Tears filled their eyes and those of our teachers and administration, but it also encouraged us to press forward and end the year well.

Our staff came together and worked hard to implement the training needed to transition to Distance Learning. Growth indeed happens when you step outside your comfort zones! The new technology skills gained and online teaching has not come without difficulties; however, we continue to grow, and partner with our families as new things arise. Our teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure that discipleship to their students continues aside from online learning. Many mailed letters of encouragement while others host a weekly online meet-ups. A few have even dropped by their student's homes in the cover of the night to leave signs of encouragement and gifts. Our administration sends notes of support to the staff and families with weekly highlights filled with laughter that bring joy amid the uncertainties before us. We also continue to evaluate and pray for the opportunity to provide the graduating Class of 2020 an in-person ceremony.

While many things have come to a screeching halt, the focus and vision for Berean Academy have not! We continue to press forward and prepare for the future. The completion of Phase 1 to our building project that brings the administration offices to the front of the building and adds a new cafeteria is scheduled for July. There are also classroom updates being done in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.

This year will not end as we first envisioned for our students. Unfortunately, there are many uncertainties for the summer months ahead. We must trust an unknown future to the all-knowing God. Be still and know! We have much to be thankful for, and we move forward in faith.


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