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Elementary Winter Olympics

The Olympic games are an inspiration to us all! On Friday, February 18, our creative elementary teachers put on a revised version of the Olympic games for our students to enjoy. The 1st, 2nd, and 4th-grade students congregated in the high school gym to participate in our Olympic celebration. Students were divided into three teams:

Team Jamaica

Team USA,

and Team Finland.

Much cheering took place as the teams competed in the "Snowball Toss," "Curling," "Cross-Country Skiing," and "Pass the Puck" events.

The grand finale was the team relay event, the "Bobsled" race, where students had to race to bring articles of winter weather gear to their waiting teammates. Once received, they had to put on the piece of clothing and wait for the delivery of the next item. Once fully dressed, a team member had to push them on their "bobsled" to cross the finish line. There was a lot of excitement!

A huge thank you to many parents who helped set up and tally the results. Everyone had a fun time. Who knows, maybe we'll see one of these students at real Olympic games one day!


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