We’ve Been Educating For Over 70 Years

Berean Academy was founded as an answer to prayer in 1946. A prayer that young people might have an opportunity for a Christian education and training for the youth of the community. The name comes from the desire to be like those from the city of Berea found in Acts 17:11.

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General Information

We would be glad to answer all of your questions. Please feel free to give us a call.

What are the school hours?
  • School hours are 8:10am to 3:30pm
  • Our Office is open M-F from 7:30am to 4:00pm during the school year and 8:00am to 3:30pm during the summer.
Do Berean students wear uniforms?

Our desire is for our students to have a set standard of dress: modest and neat. Specific guidelines vary by age; the elementary students can wear jeans, with the shirts tucked in. The elementary girls may also wear knee length skirt/dress with shorts underneath. The secondary student body dress code is characterized by dress pants and collared shirts for the young men, dress pants or knee length skirt/dress and modest tops for girls. Details on these specific guidelines for all ages can be found in our Student Handbook.

Do you offer a bus service?

Yes, Berean offers two-way transportation serving the surrounding communities of Newton, Wichita, and Whitewater. For additional information contact us.

Do you teach doctrines that are specific to one denomination?

No. The school’s Doctrinal Statement defines the core Biblical doctrines and standards that are the foundation of the school. Berean is by choice a non-denominational school, enrolling students and hiring faculty and staff of varied Christian denominations. Berean recognizes that the responsibility for instructing our students in denominational differences that are outside the Doctrine Statement, resides primarily with their parents, and secondarily with their local church.


We love to partner with Christian families to provide a Christ-centered education for our students.

When can I apply and do the classes ever fill up?

We encourage you to begin the application process as early as possible to secure your spot and avoid a waiting list situation. Berean offers a rolling admission process and accepts applications throughout the year as space is available. More information on our application process can be found on our Admissions page.

Can my student do a shadow visit on a day not listed?

We strongly encourage you to schedule a student shadow visit on a day we have listed, as those days provide a broad experience for your student. Shadowing on other days can be arranged for unique circumstances.

What are your admissions requirements?

Berean admits students from Christian homes who desire to be at Berean and who we believe will be successful in our programs. More information can be found on our Admissions page. We seek to partner with Christian families; at least one parent or guardian must profess faith in Jesus Christ. Students applying for grades 7-12 must also share their personal statements of faith in Jesus Christ.

How are admissions decisions made?

Our admissions committee reviews your completed application, supplemental forms, references and assessment results to verify that the student aligns both academically and spiritually with our school’s mission. In grades 7-12, a student interview is also factored into the decision.

Financial Aid

Berean Academy is a tuition-based school. However, annual donations from generous families and friends allow us to provide tuition assistance through Multiple Student Discounts and the Family Education Grant Program (FEG).

What is your tuition?

Tuition varies by grade level, and covers the general cost for faculty, facilities management, and administrative support. Most families should plan for additional monthly expenses and non-refundable fees. Our tuition and fee schedule can be found under our Admissions tab.

What assistance do you offer to help families afford a private school education? How do I apply?

A private school education does require the investment of your financial resources; however, it is our goal to provide tuition assistance to all Christian families who desire a Christ-centered education for their students. Berean’s Family Education Grant or FEG program annually provides nearly $250,000 in financial assistance to qualifying families. We strongly encourage you to apply for tuition assistance starting January 1 for the upcoming school year.

Do you offer payment plans?

Our monthly payment plan options:

  • 12 monthly payments (June-May)
  • 10 monthly payments (August-May)
  • 9 monthly payments (September-May)
Do you offer a Multi-Student or Pastoral/Missionary Discount?

Multi-Student Discounts? Yes, we are thankful to be able to offer a multi-student discount for our families at Berean. You can find out the discount amounts on our Tuition & Discount page. While we do not have a set discount percent for Pastors, these  factors are heavily considered in our tuition assistance process. We strongly encourage you to apply for tuition assistance starting January 1 for the upcoming school year. Pastoral/Missionary Discounts? No, we don’t offer a specific discount for pastor or missionaries, but we do encourage those in ministry to apply for the FEG program mentioned above.

How is income verified?

When completing your SSS Application for financial aid, copies of the most recent W2’s and Federal Tax Returns for everyone in your household will need to be provided. We will use the Income from your tax returns. If you do not have tax returns of if your household income is different from what is stated on the said returns, you must fill out and submit to us the Income Verification Form.  

How will I know if I am awarded a scholarship?

Once you complete your SSS Application and provide the required documentation, SSS will notify the Finance Committee and they will provide you with an award letter listing the scholarship amount for which you qualify. Please note the deadline to apply for a scholarship is May 1. Your award letter will be sent in June for the upcoming school year.  

Do I need to re-enroll each year?

Yes. Starting February 1, each family must re-enroll their students for the upcoming school year.  


Berean serves as a strong academic partner between administration, teachers, parents and students. We believe this collaboration is important to help your child cultivate his or her God-given potential.

Is Berean accredited?

Berean is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, ACSI.

What can you tell me about your Preschool program?

We offer 2-day or 3-day morning options for preschool: Our Preschool program is held at Grace Community Church in Newton, Kansas. It is a developmental class which offers quality education in a fun, creative, Christian atmosphere. You can learn more by visiting our Preschool education page.

What is your Kindergarten curriculum?

Our curriculum for Kindergarten is designed to prepare students for what they will experience at Berean Academy. You can visit our Elementary education page to learn more.

How is the Elementary school day organized and what curriculum is used?

Our elementary students stay with one teacher throughout the entire day with a few “special” additions. In addition to the basics our students at Berean Academy have: art, music, library, technology and physical education. Learn more by visiting our Elementary Education page and Elementary Fine Arts page.

How is the Secondary school day organized?

Our junior high and high school school days are separated into eight class periods. Chapels are on Monday and Thursday mornings, creating shortened morning class periods. On Wednesdays, students have an open period in the morning called, Activity Period. This Activity Period provides time for clubs and organizations to work on various plans or needs. Usually, the normal student day consists of seven classes and one study hall.

Is there a way to keep up with my student's progress?

Our school uses an online program called Sycamore. Assignments, grades and more can be viewed online through this program. You will be given accounts and passwords once you are accepted into Berean. Grade cards are distributed electronically each quarter. Additionally, parent/teacher conferences are scheduled twice a school year. Teachers are open to being contacted by parents whenever needed.

What services fo you have available for students who need support?

Our Resource Services Department consists of a unique group of programs specifically designed to meet the learning styles and needs of your elementary child.  We do our best to meet the students where they are so they can be successful in the classroom. Learn more by visiting our Resource Services page.

My student has an IEP and/or a 504 Plan. Will you admit them?

Our Resource Services Department does provide services to many students with IEPs or 504 Plans. As part of the application review process, the Resource Services Department will determine if we can provide the services needed to support your student’s needs.

Do you use technology in the classroom?

Technology is integrated throughout our curriculum. Students at all academic levels have access to two computer labs, iPads, and two Chromebook carts.

Can my student take Dual Credit Courses?

Yes. We are partnered with Sterling College to provide upperclassmen at Berean with Dual Credit College Courses.

Fine Arts

All students are involved in the arts from preschool to grade twelve at Berean. We believe that students involved in the arts develop the whole child.

What Fine Arts opportunities are available?
  • Art – Classes in Elementary, JH & HS
  • Band – 5th/6th, JH, HS Concert & HS Pep Band
  • Choir – K-4th, 5th/6th, JH & HS
  • Praise & Worship – JH & HS
  • Music Theory & Guitar – JH
  • Theater/Drama – Seniors
What is the Fine Arts performance schedule and may we attend?
Our Fine Arts departments hold a variety of concerts, a senior play and elementary art show throughout the course of the school year. We encourage prospective families to attend some of these events to experience first hand these programs.


Berean Academy has a long history of athletic achievements. But most important are the life skills developed and learned through the physical and competitive pursuits.

What sports do you offer?

Our students athletes participate in 18 IHSAA sports.

  • Basketball (Boys/Girls) – JH, Freshman, Junior Varsity, Varsity
  • Cross Country (Boys/Girls) – JH, Junior Varsity, Varsity
  • Golf (Boys/Girls) – Junior Varsity, Varsity
  • Soccer (Boys) – JH, Junior Varsity, Varsity
  • Track & Field (Boys/Girls) – JH, Junior Varsity, Varsity
  • Volleyball (Girls) – JH, Junior Varsity, Varsity
In what classification do the Berean teams compete?

Berean is a Class 1A school. We are members of the Kansas High School Athletic Association, KSHSAA. We are also part of the Heart Of America League in Kansas.


We believe that discipleship in our students helps them to be courteous in their actions, faithful in the commitments, respectful and loving in all they do. This allows our students to be equipped to advance the Good News of Christ who desire to impact their surrounding communities for Christ.

Does Berean have chapel services?

Yes. Chapels are a regular opportunity for students of all grade levels to experience worship, learn from the Bible, and hear the stories of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ. Our students also receive the unique opportunities in leading their peers in worship.

What service opportunities are available to students?

School sponsored service projects vary by grade level and allow students and teachers the opportunity to be a positive witness for Christ in our communities.

  • Monthly services at Presbyterian Manor in Newton
  • Food Drives
  • Various Fundraisers
How is the Bible integrated into curriculum?

In every classroom, teachers integrate a Christian worldview into their lessons and make the most of practical, teachable moments by connecting the Biblical truths to everyday life. In addition, students at every grade level have a Bible class as part of the standard Berean Academy curriculum.