Tuition Assistance & Grants

Berean Academy is a tuition-based school. However, annual donations from generous families and friends allow us to provide tuition assistance through Multiple Student Discounts and the Family Education Grant Program (FEG).

Multiple Student Discounts

For the current school year, families receive discounts for enrolling two or more students, regardless of income. The multiple student discounts are as follows:

  • First Student – Full Tuition
  • Second Student- $450 discount
  • Third Student- $900 discount
  • Four + Students- $5000 discount

Family Education Grants (FEG)

The Family Education Grant program provides tuition assistance to enrolled families based on need.Families applying for FEG can receive a grant of up to 55% of tuition as funds are available.

To apply for a grant, a family must first fill out a SSS form online. Once received, the anonymous application is reviewed by the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees. All FEG awards will be announced before June of each year. This program is underwritten by donations made by generous friends of the school. All FEG donations are tax-deductible.