Eric & Angie Carroll, Berean parents

Berean Academy left such an impression on me about what it means to love God and serve Him, that I wanted the same for my kids. So, we made the decision 13 years ago to send our oldest son to Berean, and eventually sent two more of our children. Just this year our (oldest) senior son was asked to write a paragraph on why he wanted to attend a Christian college. His answer was that he has been taught what it means to live a life that enjoys serving God and others by his teachers at Berean, and that’s why he wants to continue his education in a similar environment, one that’s going to continue to challenge him and encourage him in his relationship with God.

Angie (Turner)Carroll, Class of 1993

I came to Berean the middle of my eighth grade year, and couldn’t believe how nice people were. At first I wondered if it was some kind of conspiracy theory, and that at any moment I was going to have a reality check and people were going to start being mean. Then I soon realized that people that love God and want to serve him treat others with respect. Looking back I realize that this is the expectation set by the majority, both staff and students. Today my best and dearest friends are ones I graduated with from Berean. I have known them for over 27 years now and they are like family to me.

Beth Smith, Berean parent & art teacher

As a parent and teacher at Berean, I love how every time I walk up to a door there is a student that runs out of their way to open the door for me. I see this kind of love and respect take place to everyone throughout the day. I love watching the students show random acts of kindness to their friends and teachers….you see it daily. There is a sense of love and respect that you feel the minute you walk through the doors of the school.

Caleb Wuthnow, Class of 2016

I’m amazed at how well Berean English- all of my Berean classes prepared me to succeed in college!

Courtney Crutchfield, Berean Alumni

I find it hilarious that I now work at a job that I adore in our Newton community with businessmen and women, politics… The whole nine yards… All of the subjects that I “strongly disliked” while I was at Berean. (I still get teased about this by Mr. Rust to this day about how much I did not like Government class). But I am amazed at how the things that he has taught me have grown even more in appreciation because what he taught me is now happening in my everyday work world at the Chamber. I’ve also presented numerous reports on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce to the Newton City Commission and Mayor, all of whom have been impressed by my cover letters and word content. They ask me where I learned how to do that. “….uh, Berean!” I truly am thankful for all that Berean has taught me in my years of school there. I wouldn’t have been equipped enough for the job that I now love without it.

Julie Penner, Berean Alumni

Berean has been a part of my life since before I was born. My grandpa, parents, aunts and uncles all graduated from Berean. Berean is also responsible for my parents being together! I have been around the campus and the people of Berean my entire life, from my first ball game as an infant to Toby’s ball games now, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. The classes, teachers and coaches at Berean greatly prepared me for college and life after school. I can’t thank my teachers and coaches enough for the time they invested in me to make me a better daughter, sister, teacher, coach and someday wife and mother.

Elisabeth Colby, Berean Alumni

I’m most thankful for the teachers and staff at Berean. In my 4yrs there they made more of an impact on me than any other teacher in the 8yrs before. From Mr. Busenitz staying after school to help me be able to pass Algebra and Physics to Mr Wine and his Bible class that taught me to study the Bible and learn for myself what it has to say to me. I still enjoy going back for the basketball games and other events and being able to reminis about my days walking the halls. I wouldn’t trade my days at Berean for anything.

Amy Henderson Smith, Berean Alumni

I teach at a public school, but so much of what I do is guided by my experience at Berean! I try to emulate techniques …I watched from each of my Berean teachers. Very few days go by where I don’t thank God for having been so blessed by my own education. I love watching so many wonderful additions to campus and so many more students who are obviously having their lives impacted as well. Prayers for a wonderful school year!

Jennifer Hess, Berean parent

First, I love the fact that my son is comfortable in a wonderful, Christian education setting and looks forward to school everyday. I also feel that Christianity being infused into the overall curriculum is so important; something you don’t get in the public school environment.

Janelle Goodrich, Berean Alumni

Whenever I get to come to Berean, it simply feels like coming HOME. I couldn’t be more grateful for my 13 years spent there. It holds such a special place in my heart because of the memories made, the relationships that grew in the classrooms, halls, and on the court, and the way the teachers equipped me for the world ahead. One thing that is ingrained on my heart was something that Mr. Wine frequently reiterated to us in Bible class: “Sin will take you further faster than you ever thought possible.” Truths like this, and the many others I learned in each class and from my beloved coaches, have helped me so much in the days since high school. I’m eternally grateful for Berean and the way it has impacted my life.

Arleta Wiebe, Berean Teacher, Parent & Alumni

This was what Berean looked like when I showed up as a new student for my junior year in the fall of 1972. I am now teaching at Berean (since 1994) because of the influence of the teachers and classmates. This school has truly made a difference in my life. Now I have the opportunity to speak truth into the lives of the young people in my classes.

Justin & Jessica Powell, Berean Elementary Parents

We feel so abundantly blessed to have found Berean. The kids receive a Christ centered education while meeting high academic standards. The peer influences are exceptional; I never have to worry about their friends. The teachers truly embody Christ in the way they relate to our children. When I visit Berean, a tangible goodness just surrounds the whole facility – there is a purity and peace there that much of the rest of the world has lost. The spirit of Christ is alive and well at Berean and what a privilege it is for our children to grow up there.

Berean parent

As our five children attended and graduated from Berean, we continue to be eternally grateful for the partnership we felt with the teachers and staff in helping us raise and “train up our chldren in the way they should go…”(Proverbs 22:6). They were given a Biblical worldview and taught life principles that have stayed with them. They continue to value Christian friendships they made and appreciate the academic excellence, preparation for college, and personal interest and encouragement that the teachers, coaches and staff have given them! We are so thankful for Berean!!

I appreciate Berean for so many reason, from both an alumni perspective and now as an employee! I am so thankful for the godly focus the teachers bring into each classroom:scince class, Bible class, History class, and so on- in each one a Biblical worldview is emphasized.

Kayla Wiebe, Berean Alumni

I am also thankful for the opportunity I have had to spend many of my growing years in the environment that Berean provides. Truth was not only taught in the classroom, it was lived out by my teachers, coaches, and the many other staff members.

Berean alumni

As an alumni, I appreciated how the Berean teachers and staff took interest in the students personal lives. I also am grateful for the Biblical worldview that was emphasized in each class.

As a parent I was confident that my children were being taught the truth in their classes!

Berean parent & alumni

I appreciated the fact that the extra-curricular events my kids were involved in were coached by men and women who were more concerned with developing Christian character then athletic staff.