Student Council (STUCO)

The primary purpose of the Berean Academy Student Council is to promote leadership development in our students. The distinctive characteristic of Christ-like leadership is that of service. As Jesus came “not to be ministered unto but to minister to others,” so our students learn that a leader is effective only as the needs of others are considered.

Our Student Council consists of an executive committee and representatives from each student organization and class. This student government organization plans activities and projects to promote student body interaction and social development.

The initial activity of the school year is the ice-breaker event which is planned in conjunction with Christian Action. A special chapel service and many recreational activities make this a full day event. Student Council also plans social events such as the Winter Banquet and Homecoming. “Fifth-Quarter” activities provide social opportunities for the winter sports season.

Mr. Jerry McClenahan & Mrs. Sara Meisinger – Co-Sponsors