Junior High Quiz Bowl

At the Junior High level, quiz bowl is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity where our students represent their school at tournaments. Questions range the full spectrum of junior high curriculum as well as current events, sports, and popular culture. Quick and correct answering is important for the individual and working with the team. Quiz Bowl is a great way to encourages the students to learn beyond their books.


Senior High Scholars Bowl

Scholars Bowl is an academically rigorous and challenging competition.  The competition challenges the players in a wide variety of subjects:  Language Arts, Fine Arts, Math, Social Science, Misc., Sports, Year in Review, Foreign Language and Science.  A buzzer system is in place for the students to answer questions correctly and quickly. Teams compete in a tournament style, with the ultimate prize reaching the top ranks of the Heart of America League, the Regional and State competitions.  Scholars Bowl is a fantastic opportunity for students to enjoy camaraderie and the thrill of academic competition.

Quiz Bowl Record


7th Grade, Second Place


7th Grade, Four way tie for Third Place

8th Grade, First Place


7th Grade, Ninth Place

8th Grade, Fourth Place


7th Grade, Second or Third Place

8th Grade, First Place


7th Grade, Tenth Place

8th Grade, First Place


7th Grade, Fourth Place

8th Grade, First Place






Scholars Bowl Record


HOA League:  Varsity, Fourth Place

2A Regionals:   Varsity, Second Place

STATE:  Varsity, Second Place


HOA League:   Varsity, Second Place

JV, Third Place

2A Regionals:   Varsity, Second Place

STATE:   Varsity, Second Place


HOA League:    Varsity, Second Place

JV, Champion


2A Regionals : Varsity, Third Place

HOA League:   JV & Varsity, Champion