Learner Services

The goal of the Berean Academy’s Learner Services is to aid students in reaching their fullest academic potential in a prayerful, positive, and caring environment. Berean Academy’s Learner Services is staffed by trained and certified educators in the fields of Academic Language Therapy and Multisensory Math. Our professionals provide intensive, direct instruction of Alphabetic Phonics, Multisensory Math, and Multisensory Language in small group settings and on an individual level. These courses are designed for students who would benefit from a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approach to learning. Students attend one session every day of the school week.

Students are also provided assistance with curriculum tutoring known as FOCUS, which may be offered one to five days a week. Some students simply need drop-in services such as testing assistance or technology support. These services are also provided through Learner Services, when available. These mentioned programs require a fee to be paid by parents in addition to tuition. The Learner Services also serves as a vehicle for communication, support, and advocacy for parents of children with learning differences. Continued education of different learning styles and gifts for parents, teachers, and students is an on-going role of Learner Services. “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” (Romans 12:6 NIV)