Berean Academy’s vision is to serve as a strong spiritual and academic partner with families. We promote a Christ-centered lifestyle, uphold a standard of scholastic excellence, promote the principles established in the Word of God, furnish instruction in a Christian worldview, and prepare our students to takes their place in the home, church, their vocations, and their country. Education at Berean desires to cultivate the God-given potential of students who attend the school.  An important goal is to educate students at a high level of academic excellence while offering extra-curricular activities that enhance that goal. The entire curriculum is designed to impact the heart, soul, and mind of each student.




“We chose a Christian education because we wanted to give our kids the very best possible start in a fallen and broken world. A place that would reinforce what they are learning at home and where God’s word would be what helps to shape their worldview.”

Elena Whitetree

Berean Parent

“We re-examine each year what we will do for our children’s education. We have also home schooled our kids. This year, after prayer and visiting Berean Academy, we were excited and wanted to send our boys. As parents we get to partner with a great school in training our children up in the instruction and discipline of the Lord. We knew we would not have to “correct” or rebuke any teaching they received while away from home. We value the biblical training and Christlike atmosphere that a Christian education offers.”

Jack Napier

Berean Parent

“It’s an eternal investment we felt selfish not making. It’s our responsibility to protect the hearts and minds of our children, which for us, can best be done through a Christian education. While we know that steadfast daily faith by parents accounts for the majority of the ways our kids will be impacted, we also know that being surrounded by a large number of other people openly exhibiting this same walk of life will only deepen the message of hope and faith in God’s Word. We believe that God’s world IS the real world, and a biblical education allows them to grow, serve, and impact the real world in a much greater way.”

Amanda Balzer

Berean Parent